Word Banks

We use many established terminology and linguistic data bank (Termium, Grand dictionnaire, etc.) as well as Thoth, our exclusive in-house linguistic data bank built on our specific expertise in fields such as:

  • Aerospace
  • Defence and Homeland Security
  • eLearning
  • Software
  • Health
  • IT
  • Insurance
  • Agrofood
  • Applied Sciences
  • Sales
  • VFX et Video Games

We also want to bring to your attention that ALL of our localisation/translations (that’s 100 % of them folks) are entirely done by humans. Like medieval copyists sweating over a precious manuscript. The old way. The sure way.

We do not take any software shortcut. Machine translation tools are a no-no. Forbidden. Verboten. These crutches constitute a sure-fire way to obtain a lazy translation without any style, creativity, or spark.

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