Prices, Rates/ Fees : Translation

Our base rate is around 0.20$ (CAN) per source word. Our prices depend on several factors:

  • Complexity (everyday conversation or rocket science?);
  • Deadline (3 hours or 30 days?);
  • Volume (so… are you a regular customer? Is your document 30 or 300 pages long? Just wondering…);
  • Are you a non profit (we’re an agency with a heart!).

Each Touché* translator can – translate/adapt/localize – up to 1000 words a day. Of course, that amount will vary according to the complexity of the source-document. This self-imposed limit guarantees a high quality output. And a bit of sanity in our offices.

In most cases, we can deliver a 1000 word document within 3 or 4 days. We can also get that urgent document to your desk in turbo/espresso/pronto mode. Especially if it keeps you awake at night. In those cases, we can assign a team of translators to the project to double the translation output. In those cases, a surcharge is applied. Just contact us. We are pretty reasonable and will come out with a Win-Win proposal.

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