B2B Marketing

We carefully select the clients of our Marketing-Communications department.

Why ? Because a real marketing project needs thorough 100 % commitment. Touché* prefers to severely limit our marketing clientele to ensure we meet the exceptionally high standards we impose upon ourselves.

An Array of Sales-Oriented Tactical Marketing Services

Since 1997, we have touched upon (hey, is that some kind of cheap wordplay ?) most aspects of marketing work. That’s why we have decided to focus on a core sales-oriented marketing offering where we shine most brightly:

–    Strategic and competitive intelligence, research, planning;

–   Online lead gathering, qualification, and conversion;

–   Direct marketing campaign development and deployment (both offline and online within a proven    permission-based marketing framework);

–   Tightly planned awareness and credibility blitz through methodical media and public relations;

–    Savvy online and offline (TV, radio, print) ad scripting to increase sales and to strengthen brand image (OK… the last one may not look sales-oriented but is essential to leverage awareness into sales);

–     Sales funnel optimization, levelling and scoring.


The Perfect Client?

We are looking for the following values in our distinguished marketing clientele:

  • Honest;
  • Thrives on challenges;
  • Sense of fun;
  • Creative;
  • Curious;
  • Optimistic yet realistic;
  • Bold;
  • Determined.

You fit that profile ? Good ! Contact us and let’s chat and see when we can get that project going !




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