The right word sells. Right ?

Seems like a self-evident truth.

Selling is carefully selecting words for maximum branding impact. To be memorable and unique. In short, to stand out and seduce.

We can help you discover YOUR right word, the one from which you can start weaving your brand’s story. And get the results that you expect.

Touché* offers four types of writing services:


1- Strategic Writing :

2- Ad Copywriting:

3- Web Copywriting

4 – Technical and Scientific Writing




1- Strategic Writing : identify your keywords, benefits, main selling arguments, brand tone and personality, taglines, etc.


2- Ad Copywriting:

Generate awareness with engaging and relevant content;

Create powerful offline advertising material that makes your target laugh, cry, buy: print ads, DRTV scripting, brochures, flyers, press releases, informational Website/Print content, direct marketing pieces, etc.

3- Web Copywriting

Trigger conversion through compelling copy and clear “Call to Action on your landing pages and Websites;

Create a strong and relevant Web presence with a sound informational content strategy;

Gather and nurture leads with permission-based relationship marketing.


4 – Technical and Scientific Writing

Transform your technical and scientific concepts into well-structured, clear, and engaging content to persuade, sell, train, and teach.

Touché* can:

  • Research and write convincing case studies and white papers;
  • Write project manuals and proposals;
  • Create end-user documents;
  • Create E-learning content including books, workbooks, training modules and computer-based training;
  • Write articles for journals/websites.


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