Software and Device Localization (L10N)

Finding a translator that can also indulge in a bit of coding is not easy.

The goal of localization is to maximize user experience and brand image by providing a linguistically and culturally relevant use context. That and avoid big words.
Tumisu / Pixabay

Whether you like it or not, localization (l10n for short) often involves more than just translation.


Often, text files will have to be parsed to highlight strings before work is performed.


In other cases where there is no user documentation, the translator will often have to look at the source code to discern what a specific feature or dialog box does to provide an accurate and clear translation.


Some localization-specific constraints also have to be respected:


  • Allowed on-Screen/Dialog box space.
  • Consistency with use-established French UI glossaries (Adobe, Microsoft, etc,).
  • Internal consistency.
  • Maintaining code integrity.


We use the following software localization tools:


  • POEditor (for translating WordPress ressources, PHP, Django, and everything Linux under the sune) ;
  • Passolo (when text parsing in Windows, Mac, Java, XML and Android files is involved) ;
  • EasyGUI (medical devices UI, testing devices, and POS terminals) .