Translating to Canadian French

What Makes Us Unique


Our Translations are invisibles


Our French copy feels natural. It does not leave this slight “almost right but not quite right” aftertaste that’s the hallmark of mediocre word-for-word translations.


Our French translations:


  • Recreate the original flow and sound of your text by selecting the right words and sentence structure.
  • Avoid false cognates and anglicisms.
  • Recognize and substitute local and cultural references.
  • Reconstruct witicisms (wordplay, jokes, irony) and rythm (rhymes, alliteration, impact, etc.)
  • Find ways to express realities that do not exist in French.
  • Know better than to use words that are negatively charged in the French Canadian culture.
  • Maximize the persuasive impact of your text with subtlety and eloquence.


In fact, our translation do feel invisible in the sense that they do not show any trace of “englishness”.