We offer specialized translation services tailored to the specific needs of several industries.


B2B Customer Acquisition

B2B is unforgiving. Any element that damage your credibility will cost you the sale. Don’t put you whole sales process in jeopardy with a weak translation.



Your technological innovation is just an expensive research program and academic curio if it doesn’t sell.


Software localisation requires knowledge of words, coding and user experience best practices.


PR  and Marketing

Successful PR and marketing translation calls for nuance.

Strong persuasion and storytelling skills that plays on both reason and emotion are a must, as is the ability to do so in several writing styles.

Media Translations

Non-Profits and Charity

We find words that open hearts and wallets.


Retail Products

Catching the attention of the Francophone consumer is not easy. Do not get yourself noticed for the wrong reasons.


Health Sciences

Anywhere else, a slightly mistranslated word can spell financial losses. Here, it can cause irreparable harm to patients.


Technology and Sciences

                Research mobilizes minds for years and requires colossal investments that are becoming increasingly scarcer. Don’t let all these efforts go to waste or – even worse – get unnoticed.


The world’s appetite for faster, more efficient communication seems without limits. Help your products travel by letting us remove frontiers.



Mmmm….Is it

–          ‘bits” or ‘bytes”?

–          “memoization” or ‘”memorization”?

–          ‘Java” or “JavaScript”?

If you don’t understand what’s it’s all about, you will never be able to translate IT documents in a satisfactory manner,