Rates – Our Marketing Services

Touche* offers many high-level marketing services at VERY reasonable rates.


No Espresso, please


When you work with Touche*, there are no middlemen and no commission. We do not have a huge office with the latest designer espresso machine. An old joe dripper does the job and we’re perfectly happy making our magic happen in our cozy little virtualized space spinning our old The Damned, Coltrane, and T-Rex lps.


Affordable rates


We offer temp marketing services in two very logical flavours: long-term collaboration and short-term sales-SWAT team intervention. You can hire us on a per project basis, by the hour, by the week, or through a yearly, monthly, or even hourly retainer. We may be full-marketing mercenaries, but we’re willing to adjust price according to your mandate’s complexity and estimated length.


Not a one-stop shop


You need experience? Great. That’s our bread and butter. You need a one-stop shop? If you’ve read our Web copy, you probably have an inkling by now that we are DEFINITELY NOT graphic designers. In fact, Photoshop gives me panic attacks. I’m so color blind I can’t even match my clothes properly. So’s my team. And we are not programmers. Don’t ask us about building your Website… We can refer you to the best Website design boutiques in breed however.

We collaborate in a simple straightforward manner. Touché* assigns you an account manager acting as your very own personal Marketing Director that plans and then implement your marketing vision in the smallest details.


And now, for something completely different, our rates

Touché* offers two main collaboration modes: À la Carte and Retainer Fees.


À la carte


Around 125 dollars per hour.



Retainer Fees

Our hour bank enables you to buy our services on “per hour” basis: the more hour you buy, the more you save. The rate given in the Table below will vary according to the mandate’s overall complexity.


[table id=7 /]


You too can be our Partner, Pardner!

Our agency partners (and they know who they are) receive an additional discount according to mandate complexity and length.


Nonprofit Rates

Nonprofit organizations – and charities – also have their very own special discounted rates.


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